How to Separate and Maintain the XML Language Files in PHPMaker

For those of you who have been implementing the Breadcrumb Links using Masino Extensions, then you have to insert the additional Breadcrumb phrases into the XML Language files. This files are located under the languages sub-folder of PHPMaker installation. Most of the time, each of your PHPMaker project uses the different Breadcrumb phrases. Thus, if […]

Masino Extensions for PHP Report Maker 7.0.2 Released!

I am so pleased to announce you the release of Masino Extensions for PHP Report Maker version 7.0.2 that had just been released on March 21, 2014. PHP Report Maker 7.0.2 provides various fixes and minor enhancement to previous version, including: – Improved: Better content type detection for JPEG – Improved: Use button instead of […]

Masino Extensions for PHPMaker 10.0.5 Released!

Yesterday, March 17, 2014, PHPMaker version 10.0.5 released. There were some improvements, bug fixes, and other minor changes in this release as follows: 2014/03/17 v10.0.5 – Improved: Do not show IMG tag for non-image files – Improved: Skip update if the input is not changed for auto-suggest – Improved: Use <h4> font for site title […]

Login, Registration, Reset Password and Change Password Pages Now Supports for Mobile Responsive Design

Creating a web application that supports for mobile responsive design was never so easy. You have to handle the change of layout if they are being displayed in the various of media screen width type which is narrower than the computer screen width. Some of the general pages that must have the ability to auto-adjust […]

MasinoVisitorStatistics10 Extension for PHPMaker 10 Released!

I am pleased to announce you the release of MasinoVisitorStatistics10 extension for PHPMaker 10. This extension will add the ability to log visitor statistics in your web applications that generated by PHPMaker 10. You can now log all the related visitor statistics, such as: browser, operating system, visitor statistic per hour, day, month, and year […]

How to Suspend a New User Account in Web Applications that Generated by PHPMaker 10.0.4

As we have already known, PHPMaker has the ability to generate the Registration Page which will allow users to activate their account by themselves before login to the generated web application. Unfortunately, PHPMaker has not provided the ability to suspend the new user accounts so that only Admin user will be able to activate those […]