A New PHPMaker 11 Project File Is Released!

I am so pleased to announce you the release of a new PHPMaker 11 project file. This PHPMaker project file is useful if you want to create a web application from scratch using PHPMaker version 11.0.2. This project includes some other useful files, such as: the SQL script to generate the mandatory Tables and Stored […]

PHPMaker 11 Demo Project File Is Released!

Yesterday, I just released my 12 extensions (Masino Extensions) for PHPMaker 11. Today, I am so pleased also to announce you the PHPMaker 11 Demo Project file. Now you can test Masino Extensions by simply using this demo project. I strongly recommend you to test and play with my extensions using this demo project file […]

Masino Extensions for PHPMaker 11 Is Released!

I am so pleased to announce you that Masino Extensions for PHPMaker 11 are just released today. It took about two weeks for me to upgrade all of my extensions that I made for PHPMaker 10 so that they will work properly for PHPMaker 11, too. There are 12 (Twelve) extensions now available for PHPMaker […]