How to Always Include YUI Buttons CSS in PHPMaker Project

I recently always use the Dialog Panel from YUI which uses the YUI Buttons in it. Each of them uses the separated CSS file. Unfortunately, PHPMaker only includes this YUI Button CSS file in the header of your generated web application, if and only if you are using the Send to Email feature. If you do not use it, then the YUI Button CSS file will never be included in your generated web application. This will cause the style of the Buttons in the YUI Dialog panel will look so ugly, just like the button standard style.

This following modification will overcome the issue, by always including the YUI Button CSS file in your PHPMaker project. This is very useful if you always use the YUI Button CSS file in your PHPMaker project without having to depends on Send to Email feature. We will customize the PHPMaker template for this, so we can use it in our future projects. Now it does make sense to always include this YUI Buttons CSS file if you always use YUI Dialog Panel which mostly also uses YUI Buttons inside.

Updated on February 10, 2013: This customization has been implemented in PHPMaker version 9.2.0, it matches to each other, and as a result, it works properly.

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