Masino Extensions for PHPMaker 10.0.5 Released!

Yesterday, March 17, 2014, PHPMaker version 10.0.5 released. There were some improvements, bug fixes, and other minor changes in this release as follows:
2014/03/17 v10.0.5
- Improved: Do not show IMG tag for non-image files
- Improved: Skip update if the input is not changed for auto-suggest
- Improved: Use <h4> font for site title
- Improved: Skip require validation for upload file field if not changed
- Improved: Skip loading upload file content if not changed
- Improved: Error handling for delete temp image folders
- Improved: Get record count for tables with schema
- Fixed: Handle Master/Detail relationship key changes properly
- Fixed: Breadcrumb in List/View page with export
- Fixed: Breadcrumb for Master/Detail displayed incorrectly after Add Option
- Fixed: Display page zero form elements correctly for Multi-Page with Custom Template
- Fixed: Do not skip empty selection list for Ajax
- Updated: jQuery and JsRender
- Other minor changes and bug fixes

Today, March 18, 2014 (only one day after the new version of PHPMaker released) I am so pleased also to announce you the release of Masino Extensions for PHPMaker version 10.0.5. If you read my post which has the title of Important Things about Masino Extensions then you should know now why I could release the updates for my extensions for the new version of PHPMaker so quickly. Yes, it took only one day! See? How powerful the PHPMaker extensions are! How quick and easy I could update all the extensions so that it will still compatible with the latest version of PHPMaker. We don't need too much effort anymore by customizing the PHPMaker template. Again, again, and again, updating PHPMaker extensions is much much easier and quicker than customizing PHPMaker template, indeed.

If you are a registered member of this site, don't missed out! Please re-download all the extensions that related to the latest version of PHPMaker from this link. Extract them and then just replace all the existing ones with these new ones.

Enjoy it, everyone! :)


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    Is there a way to use the username *or* the email when asking to retrieve the password for a user? Can it also be limited to verified users?

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